Wednesday, May 27th, 5:30 p.m.

Posted by Kathy Graham on 5/27/2020 5:30:00 PM

Hello Nine Mile Friends and Families.  Today is Wednesday, May 27th.

Another reminder that Thursdays are food distribution days at Lakeside Middle School.  The fifth installment of this event will occur tomorrow between the hours of 11 AM and Noon.  Another shout out to our Student Action Team, Generation Alive, and 2nd Harvest.  We all benefit when we work together and support one another. 

This next portion of the message is for all of my favorite students.  If you are like my own son, you are likely tired of online and/or packet work.  I know that it just isn’t the same when we are not at school together.  I assure you that your teachers and support staff are going to keep pushing…I am asking that you keep grinding…stick to this process for the next couple of weeks.  Grading is still occurring and we are almost there.  Let’s proceed with grit all the way through the finish line.  

Our seniors are being celebrated in several ways.  First, our friends at Daktronics have loaned us a video display board that is currently sitting at the corner of the high school property and Highway 291.  The board shows the names and photos of the Class of 2020.  The spring sports coaches have worked with Mr. Pietz to put together a video that highlights our senior athletes. You can watch with video from this link.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful and warm rest of the week and weekend. 

Be healthy, be happy, and be 9 Mile Proud.  

Brian Talbott