Thursday, July 20, 2020

Hello Nine Mile Families. 
Today is July 30, and it has been a bit since my last message...I continue to miss you all. 

We are currently working with our employee groups, administration, and Board to finalize our plans for the opening of the 2020-2021 school year.  Our goal is, and continues to be, that we will have face-to-face educational opportunities when the year is launched.  That being said, the start of this start is going to look vastly different than any previous year.  

While I can understand that many of you are frustrated with not knowing exactly what that will look like, we have been intentional in not putting something out that may very well be changed for us in the next couple of weeks.  Between county and state health officials, there are varying perspectives and guidance regarding recommendations.  It is anticipated that State health officials will put out more information tomorrow or early next week.

Although we have multiple plans moving forward, please understand that this information has not been set in stone at this date.  Additionally, these plans are not necessarily one or the other...we could very well utilize a blended model that includes portions of each. 

A face to face education model is our top priority.  However, if we can’t return to school five days a week we have developed another plan that involves a blended model. A blended model would offer in-person instruction two or three days a week and provide remote online learning the remaining two to three days a week. 

If COVID restricts face-to-face instruction, the Nine Mile Falls School District has developed a learning system that is vastly improved from what was experienced when we went to remote learning in March of the 2019/20 school year. This remote learning plan is called Continuous Learning 2.0.

While we hope to be able to have a say in how our educational delivery will unfold, we must adhere to the laws, directives, and mandates from governmental agencies above us. The Nine Mile Falls School District will continue to focus on our students, staff, families and community as a whole.  

In the coming days, we will be sending out another survey to parents and guardians in hopes of getting more up to date information from you.  In advance of receiving that survey, I thank you for working with us as we navigate through these most perplexing scenarios.  Despite the challenges that remain, I am both 9 Mile Proud and grateful to be here with all of you.