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Polar Bear FUN!

Mrs. Larson's 3rd grade students have been learning all about the importance of habitat by studying Polar Bears. In November they participated in a live webcast with scientists that study polar bears in the Hudson Bay area around Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Within this webcast by Polar Bears International, students had the opportunity to send questions directly to the scientists, and during this worldwide broadcast, our class received a "shout out" from the scientists! The students were very excited to hear their class announced amongst the classes from all over the world!  

The class was recently contacted by a representative at Polar Bears International with a special reward that they won based on their survey responses following the webcast. Mrs. Larson's class has been gifted with a symbolic Polar Bear Cub of the Year adoption! The class was one of only 3 winners selected world wide. The excited 3rd grade students will receive a stuffed polar bear, a photo and personalized certificate, a copy of the Polar Bear International 2020 newsmagazine and a PBI sticker to display their love of polar bears. The class has decided to make this their official class pet, and will do research to recommend, and vote on a name for our bear.
Way to go 3rd graders, and keep up the good work on learning more about the importance of habitat for the polar bears!