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100 Days of School!

Kindergarteners in our district celebrated the 100th day of school with style.  Students in every classroom participated in multiple learning activities based on the theme of counting to 100, which is a benchmark skill for this grade.  Each teacher, Mrs. Stockert, Mrs. Ourada, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Thompson, and Mrs. Grant, all planned fun learning activities that were sometimes the same, sometimes similar, and sometimes unique!
Crowns and ties with 100-day mottos were prevalent.  Classrooms at Lake Spokane Elementary School created gumballs in jars or machines with finger-paints or dobbers, while the class at Nine Mile Elementary shared 100-day cookies with their fourth-grade buddies.  A very popular activity at both schools was creating a necklace out of 100 Fruit Loops!  In addition, teachers at both schools challenged the students with a homework assignment to bring 100 items to school in a zip-lock baggie.  "I counted by tens.  I made rows of tens...that was my strategy," shared one student at Lake Spokane Elementary.  His classmate counted by ones as he put the cereal into the bag. 
Some activities incorporated other subjects.  In a nod to science, the Kindergartners' researchable question was, "Does it take 100 licks to eat lollipop?"  Let's Get Fit, a physical education video, had the Kindergarteners counting to 100 by ones, in groups of 10, by completing 10 different exercises while counting. Engineering was included by challenging the students to build a structure using 100 Legos or 100 cups.  With so many fun learning activities, it's no wonder the 100th day of school was ten times better than day ten!