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Lake Spokane Elementary School's Veterans Day Assembly

This year's Veterans Day Assembly at Lake Spokne Elementary School on Friday, November 8th, was unique in two ways; it was Mr. Karl Mote's first time organizing the program, and second... it was a HUGE surprise for one fifth grade student. The audience was in for a treat, too.

The program began with the presentation of the colors by Cub Scout Troop 91. Then it proceeded with its musical tribute to honor all veterans with six songs and six patriotic readings by students.  But towards the end, something special happened.

After the performance of the Armed Forces Medley, Assistant Principal Kevin Simpson took the microphone and seemed to go off task a bit.  He explained the school's Mighty Mustang program to the audience and called on one fifth grader to come up to receive a bracelet as an example.  She seemed a bit confused at this distinction.  Then, Mr. Simpson said he had another bracelet to give to Kyelee Romo.  The fifth grader's confusion turned into pure joy and a huge jump!  Kyelee is her sister who was home for two weeks from her deployment and wanted to surprised her little sister at the assembly. The two sisters plan on just hanging out together and visiting Dutch Brothers. They also now have twin bracelets.  

Thank you to the family for allowing the audience to share this special moment.  Thank you to all the veterans who have served our country.  As the whole student body sang to close the assembly, "God Bless the USA."