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Dogzilla vs. STEM

The city of Mousopolis barely defeated Dogzilla to save its First Annual Barbeque Cook-off.  Little did the mice know that the next year's event would be threatened by his puppies!  An incredible Dog Bone Slinger must be invented to keep the puppies away from the city and its Second Annual Barbecue Cook-off.
Students at Nine Mile Falls Elementary School were challenged to design a Dog Bone Slinger during a four day STEM Challenge.  At all-school assembly the students were introduced to the challenge's problem and to the engineering design process:  Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve.  Back in the classrooms, teachers randomly divided students into teams.  Each team in every grade was given the exact same supplies to build a catapult that would sling a mini dog biskit...far.  Over the next two days, time was allotted in each classroom to use the engineering design process to build dog bone slingers.  
On Friday, the school held its final test.  With the entire student body meeting in the gym, the top two teams from each classroom competed to see which catapult would fling the biskit the farthest.  Each team got three changes with its best score recorded. Then the top two teams had a "sling-off".  This honor went to the two fifth grade teams, with the winning team sending the mini dog bone a whopping 48 feet!
To build their catapult, or "The Tank", the boys shared that at first they had laid the spoon flat; then by accident, it tilted sending the dog bone farther.  A friend suggested that they put the spoon straight up.  "We did it, and it went farther.  It was really fun.  We worked as a team.  We listened to each other's ideas and tried them," they explained.  Fortunately for Mousopolis, the students at Nine Mile Falls Elementary not only know the engineering design process, they know that when you listen to your teammates, you will always defeat Dogzilla and his puppies!