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May Solvencia Award

The Solvencia Award ("Soundness of Character") was created by the 2012/2013 Student School Board Representatives. It is a recognition program promoted by the NMFSD School Board and run by the School Board Representatives.  In May an eleventh grade student from Lakeside High School was recognized.

Left to right:  LHS Principal Brent Osborn, the May Solvencia Award winner, and the two Student School Board Representatives.
Left to right:  LHS Principal Brent Osborn, the eleventh grader, and the two Student School Board Representatives.

An eleventh grader was presented to the school board by Lakeside High School Principal Brent Osborn.  One of the young lady's teachers had nominated her because "she epitomizes what it means to have character."  This student is honest, sweet, shy, and caring. She is  an excellent student who works hard.  The eleventh grader has excelled in Mrs. Alves' AP Microeconomics due to her value of effort in studying as she strives to understand the material in an in-depth way.  She is a dedicated student who always gives 110 percent.  "I believe that she will accomplish great things in life due to her outstanding attitude and persistence," stated Mrs. Alves.

School Board Director Greg Flemming thanked the eleventh grader for not just being a good student, but more importantly, a great person and role model for others.