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Solvencia Award

The Solvencia Award ("Soundness of Character") was created by the 2012/2013 Student School Board Representatives. It is a recognition program promoted by the NMFSD School Board and run by the School Board Representatives. 

A Student School Board Representative (left) and the November Solvencia Award winner (right)-a third grader at LSE.
The third grader with one of the 
Student School Board Representatives. 
Left to right:  Mrs. Jeanette Frank, the November Solvencia Award winner, and Mr. John Marshall at the NMF school board mtg.
Left to right:  Mrs. Jeanette Frank,
the third grader, and Mr. John Marshall.

A third grader from Lake Spokane Elementary School was honored at the November School Board Meeting.  Principal Kevin Simpson introduced Mr. John Marshall, second grade, and Mrs. Jeanette Frank, third grade, to the school board.  They both felt that this young lady is a true refection of what the Solvencia Award represents.

Mr. Marshall, her teacher last year, spoke first.  He shared what a good heart the third grader had in that she was always willing to help her peers and showed great leadership.  He described her as a jewel who cares about everyone.  She is also an awesome reader!  

Mrs. Frank spoke next and shared, "Through tribulations this student has overcome so much in just a short year.  Her attitude and spirit are a pure relfection of the wonderful person she is.  Her character and personality shine so bright in and outside of the classroom that it is evident to whomever she is around.  Although quiet and reserved, she selflessly helps everyone around her with no questions asked and makes sure her classmates are taken care of before she addresses her own needs.  She is positive in every part of her day, and she pushes herself to suceed in everything."    

Director Flemming thanked the third grader and stated that the Solvencia Award is a fun award.  The board loves meeting all the great students in the district.