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LHS and LMS Fall Bands Concert

Student musicians from Lakeside Middle School and Lakeside High School presented an evening of music for family and friends on Wednesday, October 30.  The gym at the middle school was filled to capacity as the bands gave their first concert of this school year.  The Star Spangled Banner was played by the LHS Symphonic Band to begin the concert.
The Sixth Grade Eagle Band performed first.  They played four all band selections:  Carnival of Venice, This Old Man, Finale from "Orpheus" and Centurion.  Two students played solos, one on the clarinet, the other on the trumpet. 
Salute to Freedom was the first piece played by the Seventh and Eighth Grade Eagle Band.  Two other selections were performed, Autumn Mist and Dark Adventure, along with a bass solo and a flute duet. 
Then, toes started tapping as the LHS Jazz Band played a tune by Duke Ellington, C Jams Blues.  They played three more selections, St. Thomas, Autumn Mist (a ballad by a different composer than the selection the seventh/eighth grade band played) and the funk tune of Come On, Come Over.  Many student musicians were featured during these selections.
Closing out the concert was the LHS Symphonic Band's honor.  They played three selections:  A Friend Like Me, Ammerland, and Instant Concert.  Again, students were featured during these pieces.  
The bands are directed by Mr. Levi Mazurek.