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Alice In Wonderland

Every few year's Nine Mile Falls Elementary students become actors in a "professional play."  A tour team from the Missoula Children's Theater  comes to the school complete with lighting, scenery, props, costumes, scripts...everything but the actors.  In just one short week, the student actors learn songs, dances, blocking, and the script.  While there are tryouts for the limited parts, every student benefits from the MTC visit as all classes attend an acting workshop during the week.
This year fifty-four students performed the MCT's musical rendition of Alice In Wonderland on March 8 and 9 under the guidance of Tour Directors Patrick Riley and Sarah Puchalla.  The 45 year old traveling theatre company takes classic tales and give them a "twist." 
Alice is curious about everything much to the annoyance of her older sister.  When a White Rabbit suddenly appears, Alice follows him to Wonderland.  Things become "curioser and curioser," on her adventure as she meets many wonderful and strange characters.  In the end, she learns that "Nonsense is fun."   Many cast members shared that they learned to work together, to look at the audience, and above all else, to have fun! 
A special thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped with try-outs, rehearsals,
performances, and meals for the Tour Directors for the week.