• Superintendent's Message 

    Superintendent Brian Talbott
     Brian L. Talbott 
    June 2017
    Dear Neighbors,  

    By the time that this newsletter arrives in your mailbox, our students and most staff will have been out of the buildings for a few weeks.  That being said, there is still a great deal of work that will occur over the summer months for those of us on year-round contracts.  Additionally, our educators will attend workshops, trainings, conferences, etc. as they increase their skill-set for the betterment of our students’ education.
    As of the latter part of June, our State’s Legislature has yet to settle on a budget for all of Washington’s residents.  They were unable to complete their work during the 105 day session that ended in late April. Thus far they have not been able to finish, even after two special sessions of 30 days each. I, along with my colleagues, am anxiously awaiting this outcome as we must create a budget regardless of the stall that is occurring in Olympia.  This issue could prove to be even more problematic if a budget is not agreed to and signed off on by the end of June, as the first of July marks the first day of the state’s fiscal year.  We need our elected officials to complete their work so that we (state agencies) may do the same.  
    While the 2016-17 school year had some challenges, it did provide us with many opportunities to celebrate. The modular building was completed, and LHS students and staff were able to get into the new science labs just after spring break.  Our students will now be able to actually put their hands on science in lieu of watching their instructor(s) do it.  Along with the addition of two state titles (Girls Track/Field and Volleyball), Mr. Chuck Moffatt was inducted into the State of Washington’s Softball Hall of Fame. Additionally, Mr. Jeff Pietz represented high schools of all sizes in District 7 as the Athletic/Activities Director of the Year.  We had our first ever Act-Six scholarship recipient from LHS which will provide Ms. Maria Alvarez with a full-ride scholarship to Whitworth.  Mr. Dalton Young became the first high school wrestler in the state of Washington to have never lost a wrestling match (170-0) on his way to winning his fourth individual State Championship. LHS continued its trend of having one of the highest graduation rates in the region and state at 96%.  In all of our buildings, we have been able to add more technology, as well as the networking necessary to keep up with demands.  As you will see in other articles in this newsletter, our K-12 students understand the meaning of community as they continue to reach out to provide assistance to those in need.  These are just a handful of the great things that happened over the course of this year…there are many, many more.  Indeed it is true that in the Nine Mile Falls School District we have small schools with big opportunities.
    As I close this letter, I want to thank you for your continued support of our students, staff, and schools.  I am proud to live and work in this great district.  I will be around for most of the summer, so please stop in and say hello…I will provide the coffee.

    I wish you and yours a safe and warm summer.

      Warm Regards,
    Brian L. Talbott, Superintendent

Last Modified on July 7, 2017