• 2018 Levy Information

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    Proposition 1

    • The first measure is a three-year Educational Programs and Operations Replacement Levy.

    The funds collected from this Levy go to support all programs in the district and are vital to the continuation of current program offerings.  This Levy is not a new tax, but a renewal (and reduction) of an existing programs and operations levy that provides over 20% of the district’s annual general fund budget.

    Proposition 2

    • The second measure is a two-year Capital Levy that, if approved, will provide $3.4 million for the purpose of replacing the failing roof and HVAC units at Lakeside Middle School.

    LMS is twenty years old and both the roof and HVAC units, much like your home furnace and roof, have come to the end of their life cycle. The current roof has multiple leaks, and the roof liner, along with the nearly forty rooftop HVAC units, have begun to fail. This Capital Levy would allow the district to replace the roof, all of the HVAC units, and all internal controls before complete failure occurs. All of the school facilities belong to you, the community; it is our intent to replace these systems to ensure that LMS remains in excellent condition for the next twenty plus years.