Health Forms

Nine Mile Falls Health Services partners with Families and the Community to ensure that all students are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Emergency Care Plans (ECP’s)

Washington RCW 28A.210 requires students with life-threatening conditions to submit an Emergency Care Plan (ECP) and medications each school year before attending school. The ECP serves as a written physician’s order for our staff to follow to provide treatment or medications to your child in an emergency situation.

The law defines a life threatening condition as “a health condition that will put the child in danger of death during the school day if a medication or treatment order and nursing plan are not in place.” Examples include life threatening allergies, diabetes and some cases of asthma and seizures.

In order to provide a safe learning environment, Washington public school attendance is dependent upon receiving medication and treatment orders (ECP) before or on the first day of attendance at school. Students with life threatening conditions will not be allowed to attend school in person without their ECP and life saving medications like epi pens, inhalers, glucagon and midazolam.

Health Forms must be completed annually.

Please provide medication, treatment orders and equipment at least ONE WEEK before school starts to ensure that your child is allowed to begin school on the first day of school. Please bring your medications and paperwork to your student’s school office.


Below are required documents for common life threatening conditions. The documents are fillable templates to be used to create your child’s Emergency Care Plan with your healthcare provider.

If you believe that your child no longer has a life threatening condition, please complete the Discontinuation of Plan or Medication, or provide a written note from your child’s healthcare provider at least ONE WEEK before school starts stating that your child no longer has a life threatening condition.