Common Core State Standards

In the summer of 2010, Washington State became one of 45 states to adopt the new Common Core State Standards in Math (CCSS-M) and English/Language Arts (CCSS-ELA). These standards define the knowledge and skills that our students need to be prepared for college and career opportunities. The standards are written to emphasize critical thinking and problem solving. They replace our current math, reading and writing learning standards and will be assessed with a newly-created Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) assessment that will be given online in the spring of 2015.

To be prepared for the rigor of this new assessment, we first have to interpret the standards…what are they asking that our students know and be able to do? We have set aside time for teachers to dig in to this work in four ways:

  1. Through sub-out time during the regular school day
  2. Through after school professional development opportunities
  3. Through summer professional development opportunities
  4. During our Thursday morning collaboration time

During these times our grade-level and department teams will meet to interpret standards, write learning goals for each standard, determine a basic calendar for when the standards will be taught and develop assessments so we know if our students have learned.

Our District Curriculum teams have determined a priority for addressing the standards:

English/Language Arts: Develop Reading Informational Text learning targets
English/Language Arts: Align our writing instruction to expected Text Types and Purposes

English/Language Arts: Develop Reading Literature learning targets
English/Language Arts: Explore Language expectations and identify resources to support instruction
Math: Develop instructional planning calendars with grade level teams

English/Language Arts: Develop formative assessments and resources for Informational and Literary text and explore the SBAC assessment practice tests.
English/Language Arts: Develop learning targets for informational text in core content areas (Social Studies and Science)
Math: Identify resources to support planning calendar, develop formative assessments, and explore the SBAC assessment practice tests.

Prepare for SBAC online assessment

Contact Brian Talbott at the District Office, 340-4300, with questions or concerns regarding our implementation plan.

Some CCSS resources for parents:

Go to Parent Resources for parent flyers describing general expectations for each grade level.

Here is the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's website with a detailed explanation of Common Core State Standard.