• Mr. Moffatt's 7th Grade Language Arts "Fever"
    I teach four (4) sections of 7th-grade language arts at Lakeside Middle School.  This is my 22nd year teaching this subject, and my passion grows for it each passing year!  My hope is to convert as many 7th-grade, non-language-arts-loving students as possible into at least students who appreciate the subject and love coming to my class.
    Along the way, they'll learn a TON of new information and improve their reading and writing skills! 
    For further information about the specifics of my class, please click on any of the far left links listed under this page's heading "7th Grade Language Arts".
    You may contact me at cmoffatt@9mile.org or by calling (509) 340-4136.


Last Modified on August 23, 2018