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    COURSE DESCRIPTION: The yearbook staff is responsible for the development and distribution of the yearbook. Development consists of photography, graphic arts, copy and layout. Distribution consists of publicity, solicitations, and sales. The ability to work creatively and independently is crucial to this team effort. This is a full year course and requires time outside of class.

    PREREQUISITE: Permission of Instructor

    TEACHER: Bruce Blaser

    COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon course completion, the student will be able to demonstrate:

    1.  Equipment use, operation and safety for cameras and computers.

    2.   Graphic Arts layout, design, composition and software; Adobe InDesign, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Bridge and the Internet as it relates to Graphic Design and yearbook production.

    3.  Yearbook terminology, Photography skills, portrait shooting versus action shooting, writing copy, and careers in publishing.

    HOMEWORK:  Any missed work due to absence must be made up outside of class time. Homework assignments will be given. (Such as photographing a sporting event)

    EVALUATION AND GRADING:  Participation grades (attendance, punctuality, behavior, participation, clean up) are a major part of the student's grade along with grades for page work, photography, and other assignments. The student starts with 10 points per day for participation (Lack of participation will result in a deduction and 5 pts. are deducted for an excused absences which can be made up.)

    BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS: Respect is critical to success. A student must respect themselves, others and their work. Everyone in this class has the right to learn. Behavior that respects others’ right to learn is expected. Respect for materials and equipment is expected. Participation and cooperation are fundamental to the structure of this class. Acting responsibly is expected. Know what is asked of you and follow through in appropriate ways. Cooperation involves listening, following directions, and adhering to safety rules. Daily attendance and punctuality are very important to the progress of students in this art class.


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