• Basic Art

    Lakeside High School
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    COURSE DESCRIPTION:         Basic Art is the first class taken in our art program. It is designed for the student who will only take one art course in high school and for the student who plans to take every art course offered. It is the foundation class that introduces basic art materials and techniques. Projects are organized around the Elements and Principles of Design, and art history.


    TEACHER:                Bruce Blaser


    PREREQUISITE:       None


    COURSE OBJECTIVES:            Upon course completion, the student will be able to demonstrate:

    1. Technical proficiency in using a variety of 2-D and 3-D media and techniques.

    2. The ability to use art skills and techniques to solve visual problems.

    3. Skillful, appropriate, and safe use of specific art mediums, materials and equipment.

    4. Craftsmanship skills to produce quality work.

    5. The ability to manipulate and organize the art elements and principles of design into production work.

    6. The ability to recognize, distinguish, and relate art and cultural aspects and influences of differing cultures and historic periods.

    7. Proficiency in understanding and applying art related terminology.


    PROJECTS:  Art projects will be completed during class time and will be based on the Elements and Principles of Design with historical references.



    HOMEWORK:          Students are expected to work outside of class if necessary.



                                        Production Projects                 80%

                                        (project points based on successfully demonstrated skills and effort)

                                        Involvement                            20%

                                        (attendance, punctuality, behavior, participation, clean up)


    BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS:     Respect is critical to success. A student must respect themselves, others and their work. Everyone in this class has the right to learn. Behavior that respects others’ right to learn is expected. Respect for art materials and equipment is expected since both can be costly. Take care in the use, clean up and storage of equipment. Clean up is a critical daily activity, which includes individual, table, and room tasks. Room clean up assignments rotate. Participation and cooperation are fundamental to the structure of this class. Acting responsibly is expected. Know what is asked of you and follow through in appropriate ways. Cooperation involves listening, following directions, and adhering to safety rules. Daily attendance and punctuality are very important to the progress of students in this art class.

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