• Volleyball 
    Volleyball season begins on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.  Preseason informational meetings for both grades will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 10, during the last 15 minutes of each lunch period.   All eligibility paperwork needs to be on file in the school office before an athlete is eligible to practice, and this includes having a current physical on file.  
    Volleyball participation at Lakeside Middle School is open ONLY to 7th- and 8th-grade girls.  Those not meeting this requirement who would still like to be involved may be eligible to manage one of our six (6) teams.  Managers are approved only by the coaches of each team, and all students interested in managing MUST talk personally with the coaches.  Typically, coaches take only one or two students as managers, so not everyone interested, unfortunately, will be allowed to manage.  Usually, it is on a first-come, first-served basis, and some coaches have an application/letter process to determine who will qualify. 
    Volleyball players will actually be eligible to practice the first turn-out day, provided all eligibility paperwork is on file in the school office.  ASB & Transportation/Activity Fees MUST be paid to be eligible to participate in the first match (ASB - $20, Transportation/Activity - $60). 
    7th-grade volleyball players will condition at Lakeside Middle School from 2:30pm until 2:50pm.  At that time, a shuttle bus will take them to Lake Spokane Elementary School, where they will practice until 4:45pm daily.  There will NOT be a shuttle bus back to Lakeside Middle School after practice.  Players will be expected to be picked up from Lake Spokane Elementary School no later than 10 minutes after practice ends.
    8th-grade volleyball players practice at Lakeside Middle School daily from 2:30pm - 4:45pm. Players will be expected to be picked up no later than 15 minutes after practice ends. 
    Required Equipment/Clothing
    • Any color shorts (or spandex) for PRACTICES
    • BLACK shorts (or spandex) for MATCHES
    • T-shirt for practices (NO tank-tops, etc.)
    • Tennis or volleyball shoes (non-scuffing soles)
    • KNEEPADS (required to participate in practices or matches)
    Coaching Staff for 2017-2018
    Kara Moffatt (Head 8th Grade - Varsity):  kmoffatt@9mile.org & (509) 340-4138
    Terry Perkins (Green JV 8th):  terry_p22@hotmail.com & (509) 217-7829
    Jim Pettet (Blue JV 8th):  jpettet@9mile.org & (509) 340-4114

    Lou Gattman (7th-Grade Head Coach): screwylouie8176@hotmail.com & (509) 466-6613

    Glenice Calamia  (JV Blue): gmcquilt2@juno.com & (509) 276-8925
    Deb Schneider (JV Green)
    General Information
    Volleyball players MUST participate in eight (8) practices before being permitted to compete in a match.  This is a state sports association (WIAA - www.wiaa.com) rule. 
    MOST home 8th-grade matches are held at Lakeside Middle School.
    MOST home 7th-grade matches are held at Lake Spokane Elementary School.

    Season Schedules   (Match schedules  will not be available until sometime in November.) 

Last Modified on October 9, 2018