• 7th-Grade Boys' and Girls' Basketball

    LMS Sports Information for 2020-2021 (click link): "Sports Schedule" Page for LMS Athletics.  First day of 7th-grade boys' and girls' basketball is April 12, 2021!

    To be eligible to physically practice the first day of the season, players MUST be fully registered and cleared with the required paperwork and eligibility forms through the FINAL FORMS website that LMS began using this school year (LHS also uses the program).   Final Forms can be accessed through the main LMS webpage, where directions on how to access the site, along with a "Parent Playbook" about the program are included.

    The only required hardcopy paperwork required to be submitted to the LMS office is a copy of the athlete's doctor's physical (these are good for 2 years).

     ASB and Transportation/Activity fees MUST be paid by the time of the first game to be eligible to play in any games (ASB - $20, Transportation/Activity - $60). 

    Head Coach:  Mr. Terry Perkins; Cell:  217-7829; E-mail:  terry_p22@hotmail.com
    JV Coach:  Mr. Tony Homen; Cell:  939-4987; E-mail:  tonet3web@msn.com
    Practices and most games will be held at Lakeside Middle School. 
    Practices will be held from 2:30pm - 4:45pm.
    Head Coach:  Mrs. Kari Jones; School:  340-4128; E-mail:  kajones@9mile.org
    JV Coach:  Mrs. Kelly Bacon-Hord; 340-4146; E-mail: kbacon@9mile.org
    Practices and most games will be held at Lake Spokane Elementary School.  A shuttle bus will take 7th-grade girls to Lake Spokane Elementary from Lakeside Middle School at 2:50pm.  Girls will be expected to change into their practice/game clothing at LMS and attend and participate fully in a study club in the 7th-grade commons area before catching the shuttle bus. 
    Practices will run from 3:00pm - 4:45pm at Lake Spokane Elementary.  Players will be expected to have a ride no later than 10 minutes after practice ends daily.  There is NO shuttle bus back to Lakeside Middle School, so players must be picked up at Lake Spokane Elementary.


Last Modified on January 26, 2021