We Are Each Other's Best Resource

A resource, by definition, is something that lies ready for use
or can be drawn upon for aid; a supply of something to take care of a need.

In the Nine Mile Falls School District, "WE" includes: teachers, aides, secretaries, custodians, counselors, food service staff, bus drivers, principals, vice principals, coaches, etc. - all those involved in a student's education. "WE" also includes you, community members and parents.

So what is it that qualifies "WE" as a "BEST" resource? FIRST, it is our commitment to help each student succeed. SECOND, we have a wealth of experience and expertise among us, and nobody knows our students better than we do. An additional benefit is that drawing upon one another's expertise does not increase the school district's budgetary expenses. This is important considering today's economy.

Each individual in the list of "WE" possesses resources that can be drawn upon to assist in the education of the students in the Nine Mile Falls School District. We may possess varying degrees of "life" experience. We may possess a library of educational resource books. Many of us are well-read, life-time learners. Many of us are good problem-solvers.

Often, as educators, we look "out there" for the answer to our situations. A new program, a new technology, a new curriculum, or something that seemed to work for another school district. We must learn to always look first among the members of the team gathered to educate our students.

By consulting or collaborating with the right group of individuals, the answer to our problem or the solution to our situation could easily come from within those responsible for the education of students in the Nine Mile Falls School District. We need to remember that often
"WE" are each other's best resource.