4000 Series - Community Relations

This section contains Policies and Procedures concerning Communications with the Public, Public Participation in the Schools, Title 1 Parent Involvement, Public Access to Schools, Use of Tobacco on School Property, Weapons on School Property, Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs, and Relations with Other Agencies and Schools. For a complete list, please view our Table of Contents.

Policy 4000 - Public Information Program Procedure 4000P
Policy 4020 - Confidential Communications
Policy 4040 - Public Access to District Records Resolution 3-19 Procedure 4040P Form 4040-F1
Policy 4060 - Distribution of Materials Procedure 4060P
Policy 4110 - Citizen's Advisory Committees and Task Forces Procedure 4110P
Policy 4120 - School Support Organizations Procedure 4210P
Policy 4130 - Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement
Policy 4200 - Safe and Orderly Learning Environment Procedure 4200P
Policy 4210 - Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises
Policy 4215 - Use of Tobacco, Nicotine Products, and Delivery Devices
Policy 4217 - Effective Communication Procedure 4217P Form 4217-F1
Policy 4218 - Language Access Plan
Policy 4220 - Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs Procedure 4220P
Form-F1 Form-F2 Form-F3
Policy 4235 - Public Performances
Policy 4237 - Contests, Advertising and Promotions
Policy 4260 - Use of School Facilities Procedure 4260 Use Permit Fee Schedule
Compliance Stmt Terms of Use

Policy 4300 - Limiting Immigration Enforcement in Schools Procedure 4300P
Policy 4310 - Relations with Law Enforcement, Child Protective Agencies and the County Health
Policy 4315 - Release of Information Concerning Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders
Policy 4320 - Cooperative Program with Other Districts and Public Agencies
Policy 4330 - Cooperation with Private and Parochial Schools and Day Care Agencies
Policy 4400 - Election Activities Policy 4400P
Policy 4500 - Unmanned Aircraft System and Model Aircraft