Mission and Belief Statement

Our Mission

The Nine Mile Falls School District, in cooperation with the community, is

committed to serving each student. We will educate, challenge, and equip

each student to realize his/her potential and become a life-long learner

who is a contributing member of society.


Our Vision

Providing for the success of each child through educational excellence.

Key Indicators

Meeting the needs of each student defines our existence

and motivates us to higher standards of excellence.

Excellence in teaching and learning occurs in a high-quality environment

that is safe, healthy, positive, trusting, and inclusive.

Students, staff, families, and community are

highly engaged in the learning process.

Each student embraces their learning of knowledge

and skills to lead a productive and rewarding life.


Our Beliefs

We believe that . . .

  • Each person has the right to an equitable, appropriate education in a safe, non-threatening environment.
  • Each person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • All people are able to learn.
  • Each person has the right to reach his or her potential through a challenging education.
  • Meaningful learning is a life-long, multi-faceted process.
  • Understanding and communicating are fundamental to learning.
  • Learning is a shared responsibility involving student, family, community, and school staff.
  • Significant adult/student relationships positively impact the education of young people.
  • Creating quality education is an ongoing process requiring the commitment of all stakeholders.
  • Professional development is the responsibility of each professional and should be job embedded, data driven, and include collaborative processes.
  • All people have the responsibility for continuous betterment of themselves, society, and the environment.