COVID-19 Testing

The Nine Mile Falls School District has partnered with the Learn to Return program for the 2021-22 school year.  This program allows the district to offer free COVID-19 testing to students and staff members who are symptomatic or identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  For more information on COVID-19 testing and the Learn to Return program, click here.

COVID-19 testing is optional and parent/guardian consent is required prior to testing.  For more information on COVID-19 testing or to schedule and appointment for your child to test, please contact Amber Gregory at 509-340-4304 or Sarah Jewett at 509-340-4092.

Please register your child via the appropriate link below and fill out the linked consent form prior to your appointment.

Lakeside High School

Lakeside Middle School

Lake Spokane Elementary

Nine Mile Falls Elementary


Please note:  Home test results will not be accepted by the district as proof of a negative test result.


Students who have been identified as close contacts of positive COVID-19 cases may be eligible to participate in the Nine Mile Falls School District's optional Test to Stay program.

If you are interested in having your child participate in the program, please fill out the attached Test to Stay Consent Form and have your child return it to their school.

Please visit our Test to Stay FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions on the Test to Stay program, please contact Amber Gregory at 509-340-4304 or Sarah Jewett at 509-340-4092.

Please note: While home tests are a great way to monitor your symptoms at home, at this time, the Nine Mile Falls School District does not accept home tests as proof of a negative test.