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Welcome to Nine Mile Falls
An aerial view of the nearby Nine Mile Dam

Located northwest of Spokane, our 65.5 square mile, Nine Mile Falls School District follows both sides of the Spokane River (which is dammed to create Lake Spokane, aka Long Lake) approximately 30 meandering miles from Seven Mile Road on its southern boundary to Scoop Mountain on the northern edge. Spokane and Stevens County residents are both served by the District, which has grown from 60 students in 1960 to just over 1400 to date. There are about 4000 homes within the Nine Mile Falls School District.

Nine Mile Falls is considered a 'bedroom community,' with lake access. Many residential lots are one acre or more and allow horses, orchards, etc. Families are attracted to Nine Mile Falls for its rural character, the recreational opportunities of 26 mile long Lake Spokane, access to five major ski areas, and the proximity to Spokane itself, with its employment opportunities and cultural amenities.

There are no incorporated towns within the District. Small businesses, farms, and forests add to the diversity of family choices. The school district is the largest employer, and also meets many of the community's recreational needs through extracurricular programs.