• Welcome to Our 5th Grade Class!!

    LSE Logo Mrs. Melissa Fuller / Mrs. Ellie Lochhead

    340 - 4075
    **Please send e-mails pertaining to your child to both of us
    so that we can all efficiently be part of the same conversation.
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    Welcome to 5A, also known as "Mrs. Fullochheader's" class.  We're excited to spend the year learning with your child!  Our combined teaching experience totals over 35 years, almost all of it at 5th grade.  We have been teaching together since 2000 in one capacity or another and have been job-sharing since 2010.
    We really wish we could teach together every day, but working part-time means we have to split up our days.  This is how our time is divided this year:

    Mrs. Fuller:
    Alternating Wednesdays
    Mrs. Lochhead:
    Alternating Wednesdays
Last Modified on August 18, 2020