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    What is Proposition 1?

    • On February 9, 2021 the Nine Mile Falls School District is asking our communiy's residents to vote on Proposition 1, an education and operations levy that will maintain support for educational programs and district operations. If approved this levy will provide more than $3 million per year through 2024 to support student programs, services, and staff positions that are not state-funded.

    This levy is a renewal of an existing education and operations levy that, if voter-approved, will provide approximately 17% of the district's annual general fund budget.

    What does this levy support?

    • Proposition 1, a replacement education and operations levy, will provide the funding for educational programs, activities, and personnel that state funding doesn't cover, including:
      • Technology
      • Special Education
      • Nurses Counselors and Unfunded Staff
      • Performing Arts
      • Athletics & Activities
      • After-School Clubs and Programs
    • Levy approval will maintain the level of programs, services and staffing we are able to provide for Nine Mile Falls students.
    • With the expiration of the capital levy, voter approval to renew the education and operations levy will result in a reduction in the tax rate from 2019 and 2020