• Welcome to Lakeside Middle School's ASB Page
    2018-2019 LMS ASB Theme:  Let Me Soar
    ASB Officers
    ASB President: Jewel J.
    ASB  Vice-President: Nya M. 
    Secretary: Greta M.
    Treasurer: Grant B.
    All School Spirit Rep: Jalyn Z.
    PR/Communications Rep: Hannah H.

    2018-2019 LMS ASB Mission Statement:
    Let me soar. Let us all be appreciated, recognized, and valued. Let my hard work have a positive impact on myself and others, today and tomorrow. 



    Dear LMS Students, Parents and Guardians;

    Our Lakeside ASB is now on Instagram! This will be a very effective way to let our LMS community know what’s going on, and to celebrate our students’ awesomeness! We will maintain and filter comments for appropriateness.

    We hope you join by following the LMS ASB family at lms__asb (2 underscores).

    We encourage all parents/guardians to follow LMS ASB on Instagram at lms__asb (2 underscores)  and share the posts with your children under the age of 13.

    See you on Instagram!

    Your LMS ASB


Last Modified on October 30, 2018