Instructional Framework

Teacher and Principal Evaluation Project (TPEP)


The Teacher and Principal Evaluation Project was established by Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 6696. The enabling legislation became effective on June 10, 2010. The act addresses school and school district accountability, educator preparation, teacher and principal evaluations, academic standards and parent and community involvement in schools.




The law requires each school district in the state to establish performance criteria and an evaluation process for all staff and establish a four-level rating system for evaluating classroom teachers and principals with revised evaluation criteria. Minimum criteria are specified. The new rating system must describe performance on a continuum that indicates the extent the criteria have been met or exceeded. When student growth data (showing a change in student achievement between two points in time) is available for principals and available and relevant to the teacher and subject matter it must be based on multiple measures if referenced in the evaluation.



In Nine Mile Falls School District, performance criteria and rating system for teachers is based on the Marzano Instructional Frameworks, one of three frameworks identified by the state as meeting the standard of the law. Since 2015-16, all teachers have been evaluated using this framework.

Principals use the Association of Washington School Principal's (AWSP) framework as an evaluation tool. Each of these frameworks will provide feedback that will help our staff to grow and develop in our work with students and teachers.

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MARZANO INSTRUCTIONAL FRAMEWORK                                         PENCIL 

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model includes four domains: 

  • Domain 1: Classroom Strategies and Behaviors
  • Domain 2: Preparing and Planning
  • Domain 3: Reflecting on Teaching
  • Domain 4: Collegiality and Professionalism  

The four domains include 60 elements: 41 in Domain 1, 8 in Domain 2, 5 in Domain 3, and 6 in Domain 4. The specifics of each domain are outlined below. For a detailed discussion of these elements, see Effective Supervision: Supporting the Art and Science of Teaching (Marzano, Frontier, & Livingston, 2011).

Here is a short version of Marzano's Framework as it has been adapted for Washington State in a PDF format.

For additional information about the Marzano Instructional Framework, visit the TPEP website .    


The AWSP framework for Administrators has been developed around the eight principal evaluation criteria that are designated by law. 

For additional information about the AWSP Instructional Framework, visit the TPEP website.