Preschool Teacher
Alisha Wear, [email protected]
Phone: 509-340-4064

The developmental preschool is located in our district at Lake Spokane Elementary. We offer a morning or afternoon, 2-1/2 hour program for children (ages 3-5) diagnosed with special needs or developmental delay in the areas of speech/language, motor, self-help, social or cognitive skills.

Our goal in our preschool program is to prepare students with the skills needed for kindergarten. These skills may include colors, shapes, name recognition, pre-counting, classroom routine, and following directions.

To accomplish this songs, books, crafts, individual therapy, exercise group, play and conversations are used to meet individual student needs. A variety of teaching styles are used by the teacher and instructional assistants to reach each child's learning style.

If needed, speech therapy, occupational therapy and/or physical therapy are provided either in small group or individual sessions.

A typical Preschool day

  • Circle Time
  • Small Group
  • Free Choice Time
  • Snack
  • Outside Time or Exercise Group