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No Cost Developmental Preschool



The Developmental Preschool is located in our district at Lake Spokane Elementary School. We offer a morning or afternoon, 2-1/2 hour program for children (ages 3-5) diagnosed with special needs or developmental delay in two or more of the following areas: speech/language, motor, self-help, social or cognitive skills.

In addition, we offer our Title I Preschool located in the same classroom. Title I is funded through a federal program to service at-risk students. For the preschool this is demonstrated by things such as areas of concern that don't quite meet the threshold of the developmental preschool, English language learners and/or children in the foster care system. These are only examples and eligibility decisions will be made based on the individual students needs. Furthermore, openings are based on the highest risk students first, so placement in this program may not be immediate and timeline on decisions may vary. 

Note: A speech-language deficit does not automatically mean eligibility for either the developmental or Title I preschool. We currently do not offer a general education preschool.

About the Program:

Our goal in our preschool program is to prepare students with the skills needed for kindergarten. These skills may include colors, shapes, name recognition, pre-counting, classroom routine, and following directions. 

To accomplish this songs, books, crafts, individual therapy, exercise group, play and conversations are used to meet individual students needs. A variety of teaching styles are used by the teacher and instructional assistants to reach child's learning style.

If needed, speech therapy, occupational therapy and/or physical therapy are provided either in small group or individual sessions. 


A Typical PreSchool Day:
  • Circle Time
  • Small Group
  • Free Choice Time
  • Snacks
  • Outside time or Exercise group

If you have further questions, concerns, or would like to schedule a screening for your child, please contact:

Alisha Wear 509-340-4073, Preschool Teacher

Teri Smith 509-340-4064, Title I Preschool Teacher

Steve Ward 509-340-4047, Educational Specialist / School Psychologist

Child Find Screening and Special Education Services are available to students from birth to 21 years of age, including those in transitional housing.


If your family is living in a temporary situation, you may contact the  district where you are currently staying for a screening.

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