2000 Series - Instruction

This section contains Policies and Procedures concerning Program Development and Resources, Learning Programs and Supports, School Organizations, Program Supplements, and Requirements and Assessment. For a complete list, please view our Table of Contents.

Policy 2000 Student Learning Goals
Policy 2004 Accountability Goals
Policy 2005 School Improvement Plans
Policy 2020 Course Design, Selection, and Adoption of Instructional Materials
  Procedure 2020P  Form 2020
Policy 2021 Library Information and Technology Programs Procedure 2021P
Policy 2022 Electronic Resources Procedure 2022P  Form 2022-F1  2022 F-2
Policy 2023 Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Form 2023
Policy 2024 Online Learning Procedure 2024P
Policy 2025 Copyright Compliance Procedure 2025P
Policy 2030 Service Animals in Schools Procedure 2030P
Policy 2090 Program Evaluation Procedure 2090P
Policy 2100 Educational Opportunities for Military Children Procedure 2100P
Policy 2104 Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs
  Procedure 2104P
Policy 2106 Program Compliance
Policy 2107 Comprehensive Early Literacy Plan
Policy 2108 Learning Assistance Program
Policy 2110 Transitional Bilingual Instruction Procedure 2110P
Policy 2121 Substance Abuse Program Procedure 2121P
Policy 2125 Sexual Health Education Procedure 2125P
Policy 2126 HIV/AIDS Prevention Education
Policy 2140 Guidance and Counseling Procedure 2140P
Policy 2145 Suicide Prevention Procedure 2145P
Policy 2150 Co-Curricular Program Procedure 2150P
Policy 2151 Interscholastic Activities Procedure 2151P
Policy 2153 Non-Curriculum Related Student Groups Procedure 2153P
Policy 2154 Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Academic Eligibility Standards
Policy 2161 Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students
  Procedure 2161P
Policy 2162 Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
  Act of 1973 Procedure 2162P
Policy 2165 Home or Hospital Instruction Procedure 2165P
Policy 2170 Career and Technical Education Procedure 2170P
Policy 2190 Highly Capable Programs Procedure 2190P  Form 2190-F1  Form 2190-F2
   Form 2190-F3
Policy 2195 Academic Acceleration Procedure 2195P
Policy 2220 School Calendar
Policy 2255 Alternative Learning Experience Courses Procedure 2255P
Policy 2320 Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education Procedure 2320P 
  Form 2320-F1 Form 2320-F2  Form 2320-F3
Policy 2331 Controversial Issues/Guest Speakers Procedure 2331P   Form 2331-1
   Form 2331-F2 
Policy 2333 Flag Exercises
Policy 2336 Required Observances
Policy 2340 Religious-Related Activities and Practices
Policy 2409 Credit for Competency/Proficiency Procedure 2409P
Policy 2410 High School Graduation Requirements Procedure 2410P
Policy 2411 Certificate of Educational Competency
Policy 2412 Diplomas for Veterans
Policy 2413 Equivalency Credit for Career and Technical Education Courses
Policy 2414 Service Learning Procedure 2414P
Policy 2418 Waiver of High School Graduation Credits Procedure 2418P  
  Resolution 2418R Form 2418F
Policy 2420 Grading and Progress Reports Procedure 2420P
Policy 2421 Promotion and Retention Procedure 2421P