1000 Series - Board of Directors

Policies and Procedures - Series 1000 - Board of Directors

This section contains Policies and Procedures concerning Organization, Election, Board Organization, Methods of Governance, Meetings, Principles of Operation, Board Member Benefits, and Board Development. For a complete list, please view our Table of Contents.

Policy 1000 Legal Status and Operation
Policy 1001 Key Functions of the Board
Policy 1110 Election Procedure 1110P
Policy 1111 Oath of Office Form
Policy 1112 Director Orientation
Policy 1113 Board Member Residence
Policy 1114 Board Member Resignation Procedure 1114P
Policy 1210 Annual Organizational Meeting - Election of Officers
Policy 1220 Board Officers and Duties of Board Members
Policy 1221 Student Board Representative
Policy 1225 School Director Legislative Program
Policy 1240 Committees
Policy 1250 Students on Governing Boards Procedure 1250P
Policy 1310 Policy Adoption, Manuals, and Administrative Procedures
Policy 1320 Suspension of a Policy
Policy 1330 Administration in the Absence of Policy and Procedure
Policy 1400 Meeting Conduct, Order of Business, and Quorum Procedure 1400P
Policy 1410 Executive or Closed Sessions
Policy 1420 Proposed Agenda and Consent Agenda Procedure 1420P
Policy 1430 Audience Participation
Policy 1440 Minutes
Policy 1450 Absence of a Board Member
Policy 1610 Conflicts of Interest
Policy 1620 Board-Superintendent Relations and Board-Staff Communications
Procedure 1620P
Policy 1630 Evaluation of the Superintendent Procedure 1630P
Policy 1731 Board Member Expenses Procedure 1731P
Policy 1732 Board Member Insurance
Policy 1733 Board Member Compensation Procedure 1733P
Policy 1805 Open Government Trainings
Policy 1810 Annual Goals and Objectives
Policy 1820 Evaluation of the Board Procedure 1820P
Policy 1822  Training and Development for Board Members 
Policy 1830 Participation in School Board's Association