Quality Leadership Matters

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams

Organizations rarely accomplish anything of note unless they are led by a person with a vision to see a better future. Schools and districts are no different. By their nature, schools are very human organizations centered on the education of children. While no one would argue that those who work in schools want the best for students, the ways to accomplish goals are often disputed. That is where the art and science of leadership comes into play.

The Nine Mile Falls School District is full of very caring and thoughtful people. After working here for 15 years, I can attest to the heart of the teachers and staff. As a parent, I am very thankful for those who have taught and looked after my children. The goal of leaders, then, is to harness that care into an action plan that improves learning and prepares students to be productive, contributing members of our community.

Our District is fortunate to have many different leaders. Along with administrators, many teachers lead and organize professional learning for each other. Counselors meet to reflect on how they can better provide services to our students. Classified staff members gather to learn to better support students and adults. In all, the District has many people providing leadership in order to get better every day.

While professional learning is critical to improvement, the real results happen with students. We simply want to help one child at a time, one day at a time. Vision without purposeful action is merely empty talk. Vision with intentional action to improve can move a school from good to great.

With a shared vision of improving learning and equipping students for their future, our District is laying a foundation that will guide our actions. Quality leadership throughout our District matters as we make our vision of highly educated and well equipped students a reality.