Each Student Will Succeed

Each Student Will Succeed. Four simple words put together create our rock solid foundation. This foundation is secure enough to build on, supporting the structure for years to come, weathering any storm that passes through, while standing tall for all to see. It is vital that we can examine each word individually, clarifying its meaning and importance in the foundation of our District beliefs.

Each: Yes, that means all…each and every student, birth to three, pre-school and kindergartner through 12th grade in our District…no exceptions!

Student: The young people who we have been entrusted to care for, to teach, and to mentor. Each girl and boy, regardless of ability, obstacles, skills or talents is, and will always be, a valued member of our community and our school district.

Will: This term is not open for compromise or negotiation; this is not should, could, or may, it is "will"...an imperative action word.

Succeed: Although it may not look the same for each student, and it can be difficult to define, success is clearly demonstrated everyday in our schools. It is seen and heard through the smiles, laughter, and joy of learning; expressed through music, art, and athletics; collected through data in the form of assessments and performances; shown through community service and leadership; and demonstrated through generations of successful families and former students making a difference in the world, locally and abroad. Student success is the foundation of Nine Mile Falls School District.