Levy Information

Nine Mile Falls School District is seeking applications from persons interested in being appointed to committees to write the for/against statements for the Spokane and Stevens County Local Voters’ Pamphlets related to the District’s following ballot measure to be considered at the February 13, 2024 Special Election: (1) Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy. View the Citizen's Committee page for full info.

Your Tax Dollars at Work for Our Kids

There are two types of local taxes collected: Levies and Bonds. Levies pay for ongoing operational and enrichment costs and bonds pay for major construction. A quick way to remember this is that Bonds are for Buildings and Levies are for Learning. 

Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy
The EP&O levy pays for programs and operating costs not funded by the state including many elective classes, band, choir, drama support, technology, class materials, building maintenance, utilities, insurance, many staff who are not part of the State prototypical model, and all athletics and activities. These dollars are key in the success of all students and provide an essential revenue stream to the District. Regardless of the grade level, students are benefited by these dollars. 

Levies can be run for just a year or up to four years and must be renewed by the district voters to continue. In February of 2021, the District ran a three-year replacement levy to assist with funding our educational programs and operations, and the voters approved this levy to be collected in 2022, 2023, and 2024. Running a three-year levy ultimately saves the District some expenditures with election costs allowing more dollars to be spent directly on our students.

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Snapshot of Levy Dollars at Work for 2022-2023

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 Snapshot of Levy Dollars at Work for 2021-2022 

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Salaries – Not State Funded
Included in this category: 

  • Art teacher at Lakeside Middle School (position brought back)
  • Elective teachers at both Lakeside Middle School and Lakeside High School
  • Additional teachers to reduce class sizes
  • Guidance counselor support at the secondary level
  • Additional office and administrative support in all buildings

Extra-Curricular & Enrichment
Included in this category:

  • Athletic/Activities Director at Lakeside Middle School
  • Athletic/Activities Director at Lakeside High School
  • Club advisors
  • Officials for athletic events
  • Security for athletic and extra-curricular events
  • Transportation to performances, events, athletic events, etc.
    • Bus transportation
    • Van transportation
  • Hotels for state tournaments
  • Registration for elective events
    • Band and choir festivals
  • Supplies and repairs for athletics
    • Football helmets – reconditioning current helmets and new helmets
  • Curriculum support for elective classes
  • Annual payment to ASB for athletics
    • Supplies
    • Entry fees
    • Uniforms
  • Technology for athletics
  • FinalForms software 

Maintenance & Operations
Included in this category:

  • Maintenance, custodial, and grounds staff salaries not included in state funding
  • Utilities
  • Repairs
  • Supplies

Included in this category: 

  • Chromebook repairs