Skyward Instructions

Skyward will be down on Saturday, 08/05/23 for scheduled maintenance operations. We thank you for your patience.


*If you have not done so already, please request a Skyward Family Access account here before following the below instructions.


To access the Parent/Student Skyward program please follow these steps:

Parent Login to Skyward

1. Login ID (The first five letters of your last name, the first three letters of your first name, 000) note: the 0's are numerical

Example: Harry Potter = (Login ID) pottehar000

2. Password (Click the prompt if you forgot your password)

Passwords are case sensitive!


To make an online payment please follow these steps:

1. Open the Fee Management (blue) tab on the left.

2. Open the Make a Payment tab. This will direct you to e-funds where you can pay online with a credit card, debit card or e-check

Student Login to Skyward

Changes were made to make our network more efficient, eliminate duplicate accounts, and give us the ability to link on-line services to our student accounts for single, sign-on options.

For both Google and Skyward your username and password will be changed like the example below:

Your Name

Joseph Williams

New Username


Lunch Number




New Password


(the O's in front are not apart of the password)

(the 0 in the month is not a part of the password)

Kimberly Johnson





(the 0 in front is not apart of the password)

Diana Jackson- Smith





(the 0 in the month is not a part of the password)

From the examples above you can see how your whole first name and last name are combined to create your new username.

For Skyward you don't need to add the Remember to omit the 0's as described above in your lunch number and birthdate if needed.

When using login into Google remember to add the at the end of your username.