Bus Routes

Please Note:  Schools have a 40 minute LATE START ON THURSDAYS.  Your child will get picked up 40 minutes later than their regular time.

We suggest downloading the FirstView App to find the most detailed arrival times and location data on your student's bus.

Open The PDF list of 2023-2024 Bus Routes
*  We require that each student catch the bus at the stop closest to his/her home and be at their stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
*  All times are approximate and may be adjusted as necessary
*  During winter weather, schedules may be moved 10 minutes ahead.
*  Parents of children riding Special Education buses, Routes 1 & 2, should call the Transportation - Customer Service Center / Nine Mile Office to confirm pick-up times.

Please call Transportation at 509-388-0508 for any questions about your student's bus routes