Health Plan Reminder

News from the Nurse - Health Plan Reminder
News from the Nurse - Health Plan Reminder


Dear parents/guardians,

We would like to remind you that annual Emergency Care Plans (ECP) are due for all children who have a severe or life-threatening medical condition that may require adult intervention and oversight during the school day. ECP and medications must be submitted each year before a child with a life-threatening condition can attend school.

 All students with conditions such as but not limited to diabetes, seizures, severe respiratory problems, or anaphylaxis secondary to food or insect allergy, must have a new ECP created by the school nurse each school year in cooperation with the parent and their private health care provider.

The purpose of an Emergency Care Plan is to provide concrete and simple training and instructions to nonmedical personnel acting in a supervisory role for your child to keep your child as safe as possible until medical assistance arrives.

If you believe your child needs an ECP, please bring your medical documentation from your physician as soon as possible before the start of school, so our nurse can work with you to develop a safe plan for your child. 

The Emergency Care Plan forms can be found on the Health Forms Tab, click here.

 Please bring your completed forms as soon as possible to your school with all necessary medications.  You can also email your ECP to our district nurse, Renee Carroll,  at [email protected]


Thank you!