• Homework Guidelines


    • Homework is designed to give your student extra practice at home learning the skills being taught in the classroom.  The focus will primarily be with reading and math, with spelling being introduced in January.  There will also be other activities that go home such as science experiments, leprechaun traps and games.
    • Math homework will go home Monday through Thursday.  Each day, read the questions to your child and help them as much or as little as needed to complete the work.  Look at the problem set paper that was done in class if you are unsure of how to do the homework.  The math should be checked by an adult to see if it is done correctly and if it is not, help your child correct and fix the mistakes.  Return the math homework the following day in their folder.  Please make sure your read all the directions to your child so they can complete the math problems successfully.  Have them do their best and if there is any part you are unsure of, send it back with a sticky note and I will do my best to explain it.  If there is not math homework in their folder on a Monday through Thursday, that means you have the day off!
    • Reading:  With reading, they need someone listening to them read their reading books.  They might need to be given reading strategies, help sounding out words as well as lots of positive feedback.  This year reading books will be sent home one at a time.  Reading books should be practiced until the student can read the book fluently.  They might struggle with a couple of words, but they know how to read almost all of the words.  Fluency should be at a 94% or above.  With the first set of 10 books, there is a fluency goal on the inside of the 1st page.  When they reach this goal, they should bring the book back in their folder.  I will listen to them read it, and then send a new one home.  You may bring books back every day, once a week,whatever fits your schedule, but when they bring the books back they should be able to read them fluently.  The goal is to read at least one book or more a week.     If the book is too hard, return it with a sticky note and I will send home a different one.  If it is too easy, I will do the same.  The more a child reads the better reader they become...and in the early stages of reading they need help with reading skills.  Thank you for your help!
    • Spelling and other homework:  Spelling homework will begin in January.  It is usually a simple one page activity that reinforces our spelling words and lessons.  At different times there will also be some fun science experiments, games and projects.  Directions will go home to explain how to complete them and when they are expected back.
Last Modified on August 19, 2020