This is going to be an exciting year in our class. We are going to learn and grow through many creative and fun learning activities.


    Learning to read will be a major objective for the year. We will learn to read through large and small group instruction. Our district reading program is Open Court. There will be a phonic skill and reading strategy taught each day. Our morning will be divided into blocks of time of reading to self, reading with a partner and reading skill work. There will also be small groups for reading instruction based on each child's reading ability. There are many books in the classroom at various reading levels and we will spend as much time as possible reading to improve our reading skills. We will read a lot of stories together and expand our world through the use of literature. 

    Our writing program is written by Lucy Caulkins. We will work on writing small moments (personal stories), non-fiction writing and poems. We will work on the mechanics of writing and continue to improve our penmanship. We will learn how to become authors and share our stories and celebrate our writing together. 


    This year we will be using the Engage New York curriculum.  There will be daily homework with this program during the week.  It will be sent home in their regular folder. This curriculum is aligned with the common core math standards. Our focus in math will be addition and subtraction, place value, measurement and shapes. We will also work on problem solving strategies and challenge each student to develop their math knowledge to the next level. We will learn our math through the use of manipulatives, working in small groups as well as doing math problems on paper and white boards.   


    Our three main science units are solids and liquids, air and weather and insects. Science experiments will be done at home and at school. There will be many hands-on activities to learn about science through our Foss curriculum. We will also read non-fiction books together about lots of different topics to expand our science knowledge. We will also learn about lots of different animals and their habitats.


    In social studies we will learn about ourselves, family, friends, and our community. These units will be taught through whole group instruction and center activities.


    Music will be an important part of our day as we sing and learn lots of songs with the help of Mr. Guitar. We will also go to music with Mrs. Weisser on Tuesday and Friday at 12:00 p.m. 


    We will have P.E. twice a week with Ms. McAdam. They will play simple group games and work on gross motor skills. We concentrate heavily on cooperating and getting along with others in team games. It is important to wear tennis shoes on P.E. days so they can participate fully. P.E. days will be on Monday at 12:00 p.m. and Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. 


    Library check out will be on Friday morning at 9:00 a.m.. They may keep their books until check out day or return them earlier.  Library time is Thursday at 12:00 p.m. with Mrs. Browning.


    Please call the office, not the classroom if your child will not be in school due to illness, appointments or vacation.  You may also send an e-mail to lseattendance@9mile.org. 


    Art is a fun and important part of our curriculum! Children will be given the opportunities to create with paper, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, paint, chalk, play-dough and a variety of other materials. Emphasis will be on the process rather than the product.HOMEWORK

    Homework will help reinforce and enrich concepts taught during the school day. It gives parents the chance to work with their child and be aware of their skill level. There is a separate information page for homework and reading with your child at home.

    SOCIAL skills are an important part of first grade. We will work on:

    1. Being a friend.
    2. Being responsible for self.
    3. Listening and following directions.
    4. Being an independent worker.
    5. Solving problems in the classroom and on the playground in a positive manner.


    Please make sure your child knows whether they are having cold lunch from home or hot lunch from school. Lunch begins at 11:35 a.m.


    We will have snack time daily in the afternoon. Please supply a snack each day for them. If you would like to bring in a large bag of pretzels or goldfish to have for group snack, that would be great!   


    We will have a Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day party. Please sign up for the party that works for you. Attending the party is optional, but we love to have you come if it fits into your schedule!


    To make this the best year possible your support is needed. Periodically I will let you know of things we might need for our class. Anytime you can help bring in any of the items listed it is much appreciated. I have found that the kids love to learn through hands-on activities which require lots of supplies. Thanks for your help in advance!


    We make a 1st grade memory scrapbook highlighting special times and learning from first grade. We need lots of glue sticks, scrapbook paper and pictures for the books. If interested in helping with this project or purchasing materials please let me know.


    1. Follow directions.
    2. Work quietly at your desk.
    3. Listen to who is speaking.
    4. Keep hands, feet and objects to oneself. 

    *Each child will be treated as an individual. There will be two conferences during the year to discuss your child's progress. Please let me know if there is anything happening at home that could affect their performance at school…that way I can be aware of possible changes in their behavior. 

    BIRTHDAYS are very special to young children. If you wish to celebrate your child's birthday at school please let me know in advance. We will have the treats sometime in the afternoon. Please do not send birthday invitations to school unless the whole class is invited. Children are very aware of who gets them and who does not. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


    Please let me know what bus and where your child will be going after school. different. If they are going to be going someplace different please send a note with them in the morning with the full name and address of who they are going with and the bus number.  If you forget a note in the morning, please call the office and let them know of the change so they can get a bus pass. If they do not have a note or you have not called the office, we need to send them home to their usual place.  If they are riding their bikes to and from school they need to have a note in the office with parent permission.


    We will have show'n'tell on Friday afternoon. They may bring one item from home each week to share with the class. They are to keep it in their backpack until show'n'tell time. They should have a clue ready, either the color or the beginning letter of the show'n'tell. They are not allowed to take toys out to recess, so all show'n'tells need to stay in the classroom. This is optional but kids loving sharing things from home. Please make sure they only bring one item each week.

    *I will periodically send a letter home letting you know what is happening in class and upcoming field trips and activities.  Please feel free to contact me here at school by phone at 340-4093 or e-mail me at jpomante@9mile.org.  


Last Modified on August 19, 2020