• Murphy kindergarten supplies
    Backpack Large enough to hold a lunchbox and folders. Please label with your child's name
    Two folder (two pocket folders labeled with your child's name on the outside) 
    One box of kleenex
    16 glue sticks
    2 boxes of colored pencils
    1 box washable broad tipped markers
    1 box washable fine tipped markers
    1 black fine tipped sharpie

    1 package Colorox disinfecting wipes
     small multi color package of highlighters
    Not required but very useful (costco baby wipes)
    2 boxs Ziploc bags choose; sandwich, gallon or 2.5 gallon 
    2 snack choices 
    Please choose something from below or other "wheat-free" option. Most crackers and cookies contain wheat, which becomes airborne when eaten. Unfortunately I am very sensitive to wheat. Cupcakes and rice crispy treats are ok for birthdays. I have just had parents come in to serve and clean up after the crumbs. That seemed to work. 
    • gummies
    • pirate's booty
    • Annies gluten free bunny cookies
    • freeze dried fruits
    • gluten free chex varieties
    • yogurt covered raisins
    • mi-del gluten free cookies (choc chip are the best)
    • banana chips
    • Wheat free pretzels (Rosauers at the y and fred meyer carry these)
    • Snack ideas for VIP days
    • string cheese,
    •  gogurt,
    • bananas,
    • oranges other fruit choices too


Last Modified on August 18, 2020