• The class book of names

    Please take the time to write a short of story to go into our book.
    I read this story on your child's birthday in class.
    Dear _________
    This is the story of how we chose your name.
    To go along with the story I also would like  a picture of your child showing each year of life;
    birth, one year, two, three, four, five and then a kindergarten picture if you have one that is pretty close to the beginning of the school year.
    These pictures will be laminated and put into our class book. Students love to look at this book to see what their friends looked like as babies. I hear students sharing stories with friends about what they remember about their pictures. It is just a very good way to help them all fell like they belong.
    Thanks for all that you do,
    Joy Murphy :0)
Last Modified on August 18, 2020