• Things about kindergarten
    Dear Parents,
    Here are some suggestions and thoughts on how we can work together to make your child happy and feel good about his or her first major school experience.
    One of our most challenging assignments at first will be learning to print our names properly, the Lake Spokane and Nine Mile way :) Please practice writing names top to bottom, left to right. Capital letter to start and all of the rest lower case.
    Cutting practice is important... it can be from drawn pictures , dot to dots, or magazines to make a collage. Often times a child's brain goes much faster than their little hands. The discrepancy  between the two can lead to frustration for your child. Just praise efforts and interests. Some things that come home may look silly or messy at first, but you must act impressed. This  helps to build confidence and fosters an "I can do" attitude.
    PLEASE look into your child's backpack every day. Be sure to send the backpack each day. It is really important so that I can get information to you. A child cannot bring Nightly Reading books or journals  home unless they have a backpack to protect them.
    Rewards may come as a stamp on a page, a pat on the back or even a small treat. We learn that not everyone receives a treat every time. We learn how to applaude our friends when they make their goals too! We will also work on being responsible and always trying to do the right thing. Argh the bunny helps me out with that.
    I will be working with students  to build a sense of community in the classroom. Everybody needs friends.
    If there is ever a time when you don't have an object that I send home asking for please write me a short note- "Sorry we don't have _____." , and I will try to provide it for your child.
    Please take time every day to read with your child. Nightly reading journals should be done three times per week. At least one book from the family read aloud, one journal page for a library book that is checked out and then another journal page should be completed on a child's favorite book from home per week.
    We have a small wheat free snack every day. We ususally make up a mix of kix cereal with yummy add ins like yogos, yogurt covered raisins, gummies and other yummy wheat free cereal puffs. The human brain works most efficiently  when it receives small amounts of nutrients more frequently. I think that this time to learn to be polite, wait, help and share is extremely valuable. Sometimes tiny tummies need a little filling.
    Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school except for VIP day or if filling the alpha basket. I don't want a favorite toy to come up missing. If you have a science type of object or kit that you would like to share, drop me a note or call to see what we can do. I like cultural things and science things. I once had a student bring in a fossilized dinosaur tooth to put under the magnifying glass. Coolest thing I ever saw!
    A-Z animal alphabet will come home during the first 27 days of school if you would like to put them together when they come home for a little memory book.
    We will be working on the names of shapes, circle, square, rhombus/ diamond, triangle, rectangle, oval(egg-shape) and ellipse like the top of the glass from an angle.
    We will be working on patterning repeating two or three shapes motions snap, clap  and tap your leg and repeat.
    Basic money recognition will be more like labeling and recognizing coins for fun. I also like to teach them where the numbers are located on the clock face.
    I am sorry about the inconvenience of my wheat allergy :o(
    I know that it causes a few challenges. My four children will gladly tell you how annoying it is. We have to be careful with snacks in the classroom. Crumbly crackers often cause a reaction. Major bummer I know.
    We are going to have a wonderful year.
    Thanks for all that you do, each and every day,
    Joy Murphy :o)



Last Modified on August 18, 2020