• About Me/My Philosophy 

    My goals for your child(ren) during the school year are:


    • to understand that learning is important and is all around them
    • to be organized
    • Students should learn the why, not just the what and how
    • Learning all content is useful no matter what field a student eventually goes into
    • The best learning is relevant and active
    • Students are diverse, both in their prior knowledge and their needs as learners. They deserve to learn in an environment that is equitable and accessible.
    • Failure is good. Students need to learn how to persevere in solving difficult problems.  It is how students manage the failure that allows for learning
    • Growth happens outside our comfort zones

    Essential Questions for Science:                     
    1.  Why study science?                                   
    2.  How do scientists do their work?               
    3.  What is science?

    Important Information:

    • My philosophy about homework and assignments.  Students need to spend at least 5-10 minutes five times a week reviewing their notebook; updating and organizing and working toward being able to prove they are proficient on assignments (learning targets/standards).  Most assignments and some quizzes/tests may be redone.  If a student needs to improve a grade (show their understanding has improved), they have several alternatives.  
      The student may: 
           1)  redo the assignment as homework.  Please note:  just doing an assignment does not necessitate a better grade. 
                Students must show that they understand the standards and not just copy work from another student.
           2) Come into the classroom during lunch to receive help and redo the assignment.
           3) Attend homework club.
           4) Make an appointment for a different time like before or after school.
           5) Sign up for AIRE Time (Wednesdays and Fridays)
    • At least one time per week, I will notify students if they have missing assignments (This usually occurs on Mondays).  Being absent is not an excuse for missing assignments.  If a student is absent, they must come in during lunch, stay after school or come before school to make up their work, do the work at home as homework or sign up for AIRE Time. I also send out weekly emails to parents/caregivers with a progress report and a schedule for the upcoming week (this usually occurs on Sundays).
    • Homework club begins in October and runs through May.    
    • My expectation for each child is that they learn to think for themselves, not be afraid to make mistakes -most learning happens this way - and to do their best work.  My job is to be available to give additional help when needed, to instruct each child, and to create an atmosphere that ensures each child is successful at Lakeside Middle School.  If you would like to meet to discuss your child's progress, please email me to make an appointment. 
    • I also expect students to bring materials on a daily basis, participate in class, observe the classroom norms, follow policies and procedures of the school and classroom, bring and use their planner and to follow the Lakeside Way. 
    • DO NOT give extra credit. I use student work to inform me of how to teach on a daily basis.  We "do" science in class each day and use reading and writing to show our understanding.  Each day missed will affect learning.

    Classroom Norms: 
    This is what students think are important for everyone to provide an environment where all can achieve:
    1.  Listen
    2.  Follow the Lakeside Way:  Working Hard, Being Yourself, and Doing the Right Thing.
    3.  Come to class prepared.   
    4.  Be Respectful.
    5.  Be Safe.
    6.  Stay on Task.
    7.  Everyone does their fair share (working hard).
    8.  Follow Directions.
    9.  Have fun


                                                     In the Nine Mile Falls School District . . .                                               
    Each Student WILL Succeed
    Effective Instruction is Paramount
    Quality Leadership Matters
    Reflection Improves Our Practice
    We Are Each Other's Best Resource
    Positive Relationships Are Foundational To Our Success
    We continue to act in a way that matches our beliefs.

    Information about me:
    • I graduated from WSU, Tri-Cities Richland WA, in June 2002.  I have my National Board Certificate in Early Adolescents Science. I graduated from Whitworth University in June of 2020 with my Master's degree in Education - School Counseling.  
    • I have three children, Tricia, Adam, and Cody.  Three grandbabies, Dylan and Stella, and Erika.
    • I am married to Don Simpson
    • I have several animals:  2 Geckos, Baby G and Luigi and a cat named Tux.  We are getting a new puppy in September.  His name is Vincent Nigel Murray.  He is a Basset Hound.  
    • My Favorites:
                Books:               Tale of Two Cities & To Kill a Mockingbird 
                                         Author: Stephen King
                Music:               The Rolling Stones & Jack Johnson.  I truly love all types of
                                         music and listen to a wide variety of different genres.
                Food:                 Tamales, pizza, and Phad Thai.  Chocolate and Coffee too!!!
                TV Program:       Law and Order (original)
                Movie:                Garden State
               Activity:               Reading, being outside (watching sunrises), hanging out
                                          with friends, and watching movies/theater. 
               Color:                  Green & Orange
               Ice Cream:           Rocky Road   Dessert:  Creme' Brulee
               Flower:                Tulips and Lavender 
    • I was born in Oxnard, CA in 1966
    • I am the oldest of 7 siblings (kinda, I have an older sister that was given up for adoption and we have since reconnected)
    • I am native, part of the Chickasaw tribe.  
    • I have lived in California, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and Werzberg, Germany.
    • Interesting places I have been:  London, England; Barcelona, Spain; Belfast & Dublin, Ireland, and Werzberg, Germany.  Beaches on the West side of the state and in California.  I love visiting state and national parks too.
    • Interesting things you might not know:  I ran a sprint triathalon.  I would love to have been an actress and I hate when people are mean. 
    • Something I am good at is trying new things.  Something I struggle with is math. 
    A goal for myself this year is to make sure ALL of my students are learning new things, how to think, to not be afraid of failure and what great people they are. I am also working on staying in the moment and being optimistic.  
    I learn by doing. 

    My Teaching Philosophy
    I believe:
    ALL students can learn
    Relationships with students and parents matter
    Respect for all - we need to use our manners
    My job is create independent, critical thinkers, and problem solvers who
    are lifelong learners
    I model respect and encouragement.  I allow students to experience learning before asking them to understand it 
    It is ok to be wrong and not get "it".  It is where you go from there that counts!!!!!
    Learning is a process.  This is what school is about.  Nobody gets everything the first time.  Many times it takes repeated effort to finally understand 
    We learn together.  I don't always have all the answers
    I don't give up and I don't think you should either
    I behave in a way that exhibits these ideals.  If I don't, you can call me on it:)

    Please notify me as soon as possible if you cannot access anything on my web page.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Jeana Simpson
    jsimpson@9mile.org (this is the best way to connect with me-students too)


Last Modified on September 16, 2020