• Beginning of the Year Information

    This page is designed to help you and your parents understand the expectations for school wide and classroom conduct.  This information is presented in class the first week of the school year and are revisited at the beginning of each quarter and after long breaks.  It is imperative that our classroom is a place where students feel like they belong and learning takes place.
    Safety Contract This is also being sent home as a hard copy.  The copy sent home must be signed by both student and parent/guardian.  Please discuss the contract.  This is a promise to participate in class and to follow all classroom/school rules at all times.
    Policies and Procedures for the classroom.  Information about how to navigate the classroom.
    Learning Expectations for science.  Course Syllabus:  what we will learn, expectations of students, how I grade.
    Art Framework:  Weekly plan for learning
    Science Notebook Organization.  These are steps to organize the science notebook.  Organization is extremely important in this classroom.  All assignments should be glued into the notebook and accounted for in the Table of Contents.  Information about daily work can be found in Google Classroom.  
    Science and Engineering Practices.  These are the learning targets used on a daily basis.  These are the skills we will be working with connected to scientific content.  
    Guidelines to Success.  These are the expectations of Lakeside Middle School.
    Computer Use Guidelines:  Expectations for using computers and chromebooks at LMS.  
    7th grade Wing Activity Academic and Behavorial  Contract:
    We use Google Classroom extensively in this classroom.  Each week, we will have a homework assignment posted, due each Thursday.  Other information can also be found here.  Your child has a Google Classroom account.  They can log in for you.  
    I will send this information out via Skyward messaging right before school begins.  This is a great place to find information about the classroom.  
Last Modified on August 19, 2020