• Love & Logic  Behavior Plan

    Mrs. Simpson's Classroom Behavior Plan
    1. Please don't make a problem for others (including the teacher) in class.
    2. If you make a problem for others (including the teacher), I will do something. 
    3. You are welcome in this class every moment you are NOT making it difficult for you to learn, other students to learn or for the teacher to teach. 

    REMEMBER:  I respect you too much to argue!!

    Chromebook, computers, and cell phones are tools for research, communication, and doing school work.  

    Expected behaviors:

    1. Use only assigned Chromebook.

    2. Keep all fingers and utensils off of the screen.

    3. If bringing your phone into classroom, it must be on mute and added to the phone organizer.  Use of phones in class is subect to teacher discretion and is for professional use only.
    4. Use as a professional tool:

      1. Do not add any pictures, emojis, music or any other personalizing.

      2. Use only your assigned logins

    Consequences:  Student will contact parent/caregiver and a plan will be implemented for further use


Last Modified on August 19, 2020