• Speech & Language Therapy


    Shelbie Karl, skarl@9mile.org   

    Nine Mile Falls Elementary School
    Lakeside Middle School
    Lakeside High School
    Leigh French, lfrench@9mile.org 
    Lake Spokane Elementary School

    Mrs. Shelbie Karl Speech Language therapy is provided in the Nine Mile School District for students who qualify for the program. This service is available to students from the ages of three to twenty-one years. Students are referred to a certificated Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) by parents, guardians, or classroom teachers. After a student is screened, further evaluation will be determined by the SLP. Parents will receive a referral packet. Testing will target areas of concern which may include: speech/articulation, language, fluency, and voice.

    Speech (articulation):  

    The manner in which speech sounds are pronounced


    How one understands and/or expresses information to others

    Fluency (stuttering): 

    Repetitions, prolongations, hesitations, & other interruptions in the flow of speech that interfere with communication


    Deviation in pitch, intensity, or quality that interferes with communication


    After the evaluation is completed, parents will be invited to an Evaluation/IEP meeting. Goals and objectives will be written for each student based on the results of the evaluations. The SLP carefully sequences instruction and maintains data about student progress. An individual education program (IEP) meeting will be held annually to discuss progress and update objectives. 

Last Modified on July 15, 2020