•  Learning Centers

    Mrs. Penny Petrina helps students in the Learning Center at Lake Spokane Elementary School.
    Each school in the District provides Learning Center support. The Centers provide specially designed instruction (SDI) through small groups, inclusion, and individualized programs for students qualifying in reading, writing, and/or math. 

    Nine Mile Falls Elementary
    Lori Pippenger (509-340-4038)
    Lake Spokane Elementary
    Lorie Jones (509-340-4058)
    Penny Petrina (509-340-4086) 
    Lakeside Middle School
    Matt Cusack (509-340-4135)
    Lakeside High School
    Devin Bauer (509-340-4239)
    Mike Smith (509-340-4213)
Last Modified on July 15, 2020