• Getting Started In Special Education: Student Services

    Marc Bell, Director of Student Services

    Referral or Focus of Concern is the first step in screening and/or testing children who are suspected of having disabilities. To refer your student to Special Education, contact your student's teacher or the school's Psychologist/Education Specialist.
    Nine Mile Falls Elementary School
    Michelle Mace 
    509-340-4025 or 509-340-4214
    Lake Spokane Elementary School
    Steve Ward
    509-340-4047 or 509-340-4107
    Lakeside Middle School
    Steve Ward
    509-340-4107 or 509-340-4047

    Lakeside High School
    Michelle Mace
    509-340-4214 or 509-340-4025

    Getting a letter
    This letter tells you that the Nine Mile Falls School District is considering your child for Special Education services. Your rights as a parent are included in this letter(Procedural Safeguards). It will describe the steps we can take to support your child’s education, and who to contact for information. Gathering information.  Many people will work as a group to gather facts about your child. The School Psychologist will start the process. You will have a big role in sharing information as well. Together we will develop a picture of all the factors that influence your child’s learning.
    Completing forms
    You will receive forms asking for your permission to evaluate your child. Your child cannot be evaluated without your permission. These evaluations will help us decide if your child would benefit from extra services.

    Looking at your child
    After testing, Nine Mile Falls School District staff will meet with you to decide if your child meets IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) criteria. This will determine if your child qualifies for specially designed instruction.

    If your child needs specially designed instruction, it begins with placement & an IEP.
    Consent for initial placement
    Nine Mile Falls School District must get your written permission to place your child in Special Education.
    What’s an IEP?  (Individual Education Program)
    An IEP is a yearly map of the learning progress we hope to see your child meet. An IEP sets goals and timelines. It also lists the team members who are responsible for helping your child achieve them. We want you to take part and add
    your goals. Each year you will be invited to attend an IEP meeting for your child.


Last Modified on September 24, 2020