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    Welcome to STEM Medical Detectives class!  It is my goal to create a safe and fun environment in which all students are able to succeed.  In order to do this, it is important to keep all lines of communication between home and school open.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the year.

    Course Description

    Project Lead the Way: Medical Detectives


    PLTW is a program that is designed to expose students to STEM careers and opportunities. In this course students play the role of real-life medical detectives as they collect and analyze medical data to diagnose disease. They solve medical mysteries through hands-on projects and labs, measure and interpret vital signs, examine nervous system structure and function, investigate disease outbreaks, and explore how a breakdown within the human body can lead to dysfunction.  This is a lab/project based class with a $5.00 fee attached





    Mr. Hunsaker's Website 2019

    Medical Detectives Syllabus


    Ice Breaker Activity - Get to know you and Me!

    - Name

    -Hobbies @ least 2



    -If you could be anyone famous or anyone in world who? and why?






    Warm-up #1

    Vital Signs 1.1 

    Pulse and Temperature






    Vital Signs 1.1 Cont.

    Increase Pulse - "Get Jiggy With It" - Dance to increase heart rate - retest pulse




     Variables Notes

    Identifying Variables

    Complete 1.1 Vital Signs

    Blood Pressure

    Conclusion Questions









    Mr. Hunsaker's Website 2019

    Medical Detectives Syllabus

    Medical Investigations Episode 1




    1.2 Exploring What's Vital

    Design and experiment that will change a vital and test your experiment

    Identify the following:

    Maniupulated Variable

    Responding Variable





    Guest Speaker - E.R. Vital Tech from Holy Family Hospital Emergency Room

    Identifying Variable Worksheet







     Continue 1.2 Exploring what's Vital

    #8 write a procedure your experiment for lowering a Vital

    #10 creat a data chart including 3 trials for your independent variable - relaxation method to lower a vital sign

    Do #8,10,11-14 in your PLTW notebook





    Finish up 1.2 Exploring what's Vital

    Perform your experiment for lowering a Vital - record data and answer #11-14 in your PLTW notebook

    Using attached conclusion rubric - write your conclusion following rubric and format

    Conclusion Rubric

    TAILS graphing notes





    Notebook Check

    Medical Investigations Episode 2

    Identifying Variable Worksheet



    Due in notebook




    Guest Speaker - E.R. Vital Tech from Holy Family Hospital      Emergency Room and Air Force Field Medic

    Identifying Variable Worksheet




     Taxonomy of Bacteria Notes - Order (Gram + or -) Family (Grouging - Staphylo/cluster Strepto/Chain Diplo/Pairs) Genus (Shape - Coccus/Round Bacillus/Rod Spirilia/Spiral)

    Epidimiology Clinical Vs. Sub Clinical Guided notes - Bodies immune response





    Taxonomy Review - identify Order Family and Genus from pictures 

    NOVA episode on ICE Climber and how body dealt with infection

    Guided Notes cont.





    Warm-up #3 - T-Chart signs vs. symptoms

    Signs vs. Symptoms T-chart - using examples, label each as Sign or Symptom 

    symptom is a phenomenon that is experienced by the individual affected by the disease, while a sign is a phenomenon that can be detected by someone other than the individual affected by the disease.

    Epidimiology Clinical Vs. Sub Clinical Guided notes - Bodies immune response

    Start 1.3 Disease Agents




     Warm-up #4 - color parts of Bacteria and parts of a virus

    Medical Investigations Episode #3






    No School - Presidents Day





    1.3 The Mystery Infection

    Agents that Can make us sick

    EXTESION ACTIVITY - Disease Diagnosis and treatment for Extra Credit





    Practice utilizing Medical Dictionary - research how to treat your assigned disease and share with rest of class.

    Update online Disease Dictionary in YOUR INKLING

    EXTESION ACTIVITY - Disease Diagnosis - Fill out Disease, how diagnosed and Treatment





    Plating Bacteria and Placing Antibiotic discs video

    Complete procedure and experimental design for Effectiveness of Antibiotics Experiment - MUST BE COMPLETE AND DETAILED OR YOU WILL NOT DO TOMORROWS ACTIVITY

    Career Connection: Zone of Inhibition Set up - plating and growing your bacteria and testing which antibiotic works the best.




     ZONE OF INHIBITION activity - plate your bacteria and set up your zones and place your antibiotics, place in window seal after taping closed and labeling your petri dish with your name  




    Start 1.4 

    Create an elimination Chart for 13yr old girl





    1.4 Disease Diagnosis - discuss positive and negative test and process involved

    Start Patient #11

    Signs and Symptoms for Patient - who is patient?  Include information in every sign and symptom chart

    Write minimum of 10 questions Doctor had to ask patient in order to write the case file.





    Make Diagnosis and order Lab Test - check results to confirm positive or negative results

    MUST HAVE a chart to show how you came up with your diagnosis

    Complete your conclusion questions after confirmed test reults and correct diagnosis

    Prep for Thursday's end of Unit 1 assessment

    Practice Diagnosing a patient.  Patient Introdcution, questioning skills, empathy in presenting diagnosis and treatment

    More practice on patient #12 - focus on eye contact, introductions and people skills, questioning techniques and empathy when speaking with patient about treatment and diagnosis.




     1.5 Diagnostic Detectives End of Unit 1 Assessment - Can you diagnose you live patient.  Thank you to all community members and teachers for volunteering to be patients.  




    Medical Investigations episode #4

    Notebook Check #4





    FINISH 1.3 COMPLETELY Gather Results by measuring zones of inhibition from 1.3

    Complete Data and Observations

    Write conclusion using rubric and submit by end of period






    Marie Curie Video and GLAD Observation Chart activity


    GLAD Observation Charts


    Write a 2-3 paragraph summary on Marie Curie and her accomplishments: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW and WHY

    Who was she...Where...etc (time)

    What she did...

    What she died from, When (time), myths....




     Unit 1 Assessment


    2.1 Secrets of the Nervous System

    List essential unit questions

    Write own Scenario

    Use the 3 provided scenarios to identify peripheral (sensory) and central (motor) nervous systems areas activated 

    Sketch the peripheral and central neuron paths on the blank body diagrams using 2 different colors for each of the 3 scenarios

    Tape scenarios into notebook when finished

    Complete 3 conclusion question in notebook






    2.2 Smart signals

    List the essential questions

    Take the parts of a neuron self quiz

    Synapse discussion 

    Create a neuron diagram with all parts labeled and what material you are going to utilize to build it TUESDAY in class.  If it's not a provided material like "candy" make sure and bring to class tomorrow

    Look at my provided GIF example of a synapses using hand built neurons






    Fun Friday - Medical Investigations Episode #5

    Notebook Check 2.1 and 1.3




     Click on the link below. Read the ARTICLE- THEN and ONLY THEN Answer the attached Sections:
    2.Take the Health Quiz
    3. Close Reading Questions
    4. Critical Thinking Questions





    Construct your neuron

    Create a GIF showing a synapse between your neuron and at least 1 other

    Compete conclusion questions in notebook




     2.3 Mysterious Miscomunications  




    Finish 2.3

    Do the extension activity, write a case file for a person with carpal tunnel and what would ALL the test results look like for this person?





     Notebook Check 2.2 and 2.3

    Medical Investigations Episode #6





    Introductory to Genetics Notes - Punnet Square, Homozygous Dominant/Recessive, Heterozygous, Genotype vs. Phenotype

    Start Genetics Guided Notes

    Create Vocabulary list in notebook from notes





    Warm-up #7

    Continue Genetics Guided Notes

    Check for understanding using white boards





    Warm-up #8

    Incomplete Dominance, Co-dominance and polygenetic traits - Finish up with Guided Notes




     Fun Thursday Episode #7 Medical Detectives





     Fun Friday Episode #8 Medical Detectives


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