Parents/Guardians of students wishing to transfer into a non-resident school district must complete the OSPI Choice Transfer Form through the parent portal.  To begin this process, please click on the following link to access this form Choice Transfer Request Portal.  Please Note: This process must be completed separately for each child in your family.   

    Follow the instructions that appear for filling out and submitting your request.  Be sure to hit the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of the page.   Your request will be sent to your resident school district's Choice Coordinator, at which time it will be reviewed and then sent on to the non-resident district.  You will receive an e-mail response once this takes place.

    Questions may be addressed to Hanna Fields, Choice Transfer Coordinator, Nine Mile Falls School District, 509-340-4304 or hfields@9mile.org.


    Home School Declaration forms must be filed annually with our district by September 15th.  Please complete the attached form and mail, fax or email it to the Nine Mile Falls School District; 10110 W Charles Road; Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026; 509.340.4301 (fax), hfields@9mile.org.     Home School Declaration Form

Last Modified on August 11, 2020